About Us

About us

The student association Anatolia was founded in 1999 at the VU University Amsterdam. Anatolia is the biggest Turkish student association of the Netherlands. Most of our members live in the western area of the Netherlands. They study in all kinds of academic fields. Anatolia mainly focuses on cultural, social and educational activities to contribute to the development of the students. To achieve this we organize workshops, lectures, inhouse days, trips and other activities with a cultural and social nature.

Our vision

The universal vision of Anatolia is to create opportunities for students and to have them get in touch with other students from different academic fields, other universities and with professional organizations. In doing so the students can develop their social, cultural, and intellectual skills. Last but not least, joining Anatolia will make it easier to find a student room, an internship and  (part-time) jobs. If you wish to expand your interests and develop your management skills, you can also apply for a position as a board member of Anatolia.


Our mission is to:

  • Gather people from different ethnic groups and to improve integration and acceptance;
  • Contribute to social issues;
  • Satisfy the cultural, social and educational needs of students;
  • Create a platform for students to develop management, social, and cultural skills;
  • Collaborate with organizations to enlarge the professional network of the students.


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It is also possible to mail us directly at:  info@svanatolia.nl

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